RiversEdge Financial Partner Access

Financial Partner Access provides access to plan and participant data , as well as on-demand reporting tools to analyze participant behavior.

Financial partners can use these tools to provide guidance on the plan's fund selection, identify areas where education would be beneficial, or spot trends on participant investing behavior. With the participant's authorization, they can also review a participant's account and allocate funds appropriately by making deferral rate changes, transfers, or realignments in the participant's account.


With greater access to plan and participant data, financial advisors can:


Financial Partner Access offers an intuitive home page where financial partners can access reports, participant account information, and related administration functions, all from one location. Based on permissions, plan-level and participant-level, advisors are able to access functionality most relevant to their plans' demographics.

Financial Partner Options allows you to:

Financial Partner Reports allows you to define and generate reports on:

Participant messaging is also available for financial partners to customize messages to participants, using criteria such as age, account balance, deferral percentage, and more.